Prolen is the most advanced all-weather furniture manufacturing technology available worldwide. If you are a plastic or furniture manufacturer and/or a company seeking for a profitable business opportunity.




1.Do you sell Prolen? We sell the manufacturing technology that will allow you to manufacture Prolen furniture from raw material to finished product.


2.- Is Prolen resistant for outside use? Prolen is water proof, heat and electrical insulator, will not start a fire, it is auto-extinguishable, resists house hold-garden and pool chemicals, it is lead free. The best of Prolen products is that they are used either inside or outside, due to their outstanding quality and design.


3.-Do you sell the machinery, tools and moulds for Prolen manufacturing? We will give you information about machinery, tools and moulds and several sources. We can supply some specialized machines and moulds if required.


4.-What is Prolen manufacturing Technology? Prolen Know-How grants you the license to manufacturethe Prolen products in your territory and provides Confidential Information on: Machinery Raw, materials, Secret formulations, Hands-on qualified training in our pilot plant at Mexico City to manufacture efficiently and competitively the profitable Prolen products such as: Plastic furniture and accessories perfectly resembling natural materials like: RATTAN, BAMBOO, CANE, RUSH, REED, WICKER, WOOD, HICKORY, WROUGHT- IRON, CAST-IRON, RUSTED METAL, AND MORE…. In any design and shape… There is no limit.


5.-Can you supply raw materials, poles or finished products? We can do better. We will make you a Prolen manufacturer and probably supply some materials at the beginning.


6.-What process is involved? Plastic compounding, Plastic extrusion 95%, Injection molding 5%, Furniture assembling.


7. Cost of a Prolen manufacturing license? $ 90,000 USD + exclusivity fee (depends on the size of the country and other factors), not all countries are available.